Yehudiana - Reliving the Menuhin Odyssey, Book One:








Chapter 1   Out of the Ghetto                 

1893 - Birth of Moshe Mnuchin (Gomel, Russia)

1896 - Birth of Marutha Sher (Crimea)

1897 - Death of Moshe's father

1908 - Death of  Moshe's grandfather

1909 - Moshe attempts to emigrate to America


Chapter 2   Marrying for Love             

1910 - Moshe meets Marutha in Jerusalem

1913 - Moshe arrives in New York

1914 - Moshe marries Marutha (New York, 7 August)

1916 - Birth of Yehudi (New York, 22 April)

1918 - Menuhin family moves to San Francisco

1919 - Moshe takes US citizenship and changes surname

1920 - Hephzibah born (20 May)

1921 - Yaltah born (7 October)


Chapter 3   The Infant Phenomenon           

1921 - Yehudi begins violin lessons (31 May)

- Yehudi's first public performance (26 November)

1922 - Yehudi's first performance for radio

1923 - Yehudi begins lessons with Persinger

1925 - Yehudi's professional début (30 March)

1926 - New York recital début (17 January)

- Début with orchestra (12 March)

- Farewell concert, San Francisco (16 November)


Chapter 4   Parallel Paths via Paris              

1912 - Birth of Diana Gould (12 November)

1926 - Menuhin family in Europe

1927 - Yehudi's Paris début (7 February)

- Lessons begin with Enesco


Chapter 5   Jackie Coogan Plays Hamlet            

1927 - Yehudi's New York orchestral début (24 Nov)

- Carnegie Hall recital début (12 December)

1928 - First recordings, San Francisco (15 March)

- Hephzibah's recital début, aged 8 years 5 months


Chapter 6   Ballooning over America           

1928 - Yehudi begins first US tour (16 December)

1929 - Yehudi receives gift of Stradivari violin

- Menuhin family returns to Europe


Chapter 7   Surrender in Berlin and London                

1929 - Yehudi's Berlin orchestral début (12 April)

- Yehudi's Bar Mitzvah (22 April)

- Berlin recital début (23 April)

- Lessons begin with Adolf Busch (Basel)

- Yehudi's first European concert tour

- Death of Diaghilev and impact on Diana (August)

- London concert début (4 November)

- London recital début (10 November)


Chapter 8   A French Idyll in the Gathering Storm             

1930 - Second US tour begins (January)

- Family returns to Paris and Basel (May)

- Second European tour (September)

1931 - US winter tour

- Return to Paris and to lessons with Enesco

- Third European tour

- Yehudi makes first concerto recording (November)

1932 - US winter tour (14 cities) with Artur Balsam


Chapter 9   Dancing to the Wrong Tune          

1932 - Yehudi begins collaboration with Toscanini

- Enesco and Yehudi win Candide Prize

- Elgar's Violin Concerto recorded (14 July)

- Diana's involvement in development of British ballet at the Ballet Club with Marie Rambert

- Diana joins production of The Miracle


Chapter 10   Waiting for a German Miracle                

1932 - Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo in triumphant Paris début season

- Diana returns to Paris for lessons with Egorova

- Yehudi attends Salzburg Mozart Festival

- Yehudi makes last pre-war appearance in Berlin and plays three-concerto programme in London with Beecham and Elgar conducting.

- Music critic refers to Yehudi's lack of bow control

- Yehudi makes début in Milan

- Fascist thugs assault Toscanini

- Toscanini invites Yehudi to perform with him

1933 - Moshe hospitalized for surgery

- Menuhin family responds to political situation in Germany

- Nazi persecution of Yehudi's concert agent

- Menuhins refuse Furtwängler's offer of concerts


Chapter 11   Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow                 

1933 - Yehudi's début in Opera House, San Francisco

- Menuhin family returns to Paris

- Hephzibah and Yehudi make first joint recording

- Yehudi's final pre-war tour of Europe

- Diana joins Les Ballets 1933 Company


Chapter 12   Growing Pains                       

1934 - Judson creates monopoly of US concert agencies

- Yehudi plays Beethoven VC with Toscanini (Jan)

- Family returns to Paris (May)

- Yehudi and Hephzibah make recital début (Oct)

1935 - Diana joins De Basil's Company and (later) the Markova - Dolin Company


Chapter 13   Debuts Down Under              

1934 - World tour begins (October)

1935 - Yehudi speaks out against Hitler and Stalin

- Plans prepared for new Menuhin home

- Family arrives in Australia (April)

- Nola Nicholas becomes Menuhin fan

- Critics complain about tour programming

- New Zealand visit (June)


Chapter 14   Paradise, Lost and Found     

1935 - World Tour ends in Europe (November)

- Yehudi in Paris recording marathon

1936 - Menuhin family leaves Europe for California

- Villa Cherkess site for new home abandoned

- Yehudi faces technical difficulties on the violin

- Ferguson Webster appointed accompanist

1937 - Yehudi turns twenty-one unheralded (22 April)

- Yehudi joins race to give world première of Schumann's embargoed Violin Concerto

- Winter US tour begins (October)


Chapter 15   Three Weddings and a Phoney War               

1938 - Concert tour of UK (February)

- Nola and Lindsay Nicholas meet Menuhin family at

Royal Albert Hall, London (21 March)

- Yehudi and Nola married (London, 26 May)

- Yaltah makes a one-off recording with Yehudi


Chapter 16   Nola in the Garden of Eden                                

1938 - Menuhin family sails from UK to New York (June)

- Yaltah marries William Stix in New York (7 June)

- Yehudi and Nola begin married life domiciled with

Yehudi's parents at Rancho Yaltah, Los Gatos

- Hephzibah marries Lindsay Nicholas (16 July)

- Jewish press critical of Menuhin siblings marrying non-Jews and for holding Hephzibah's wedding on  a Saturday

- Yehudi takes Nola on belated honeymoon

- Hephzibah and Lindsay sail for Australia (September)

- Nola accompanies Yehudi and Moshe on five-month concert tour of America and Europe


Chapter 17   Battle Fronts                   

1938 - Yehudi resists pressure to join a union

- Moshe admits to Yehudi's birth-date deception

- Yaltah's first marriage ends

- Nola announces first pregnancy

1939 - Diana begins ballet classes with Lydia Sokolova

- De Basil's company faces uncertain future

- Diana makes last pre-war visit to Europe

- World War 11 declared (3 September)

- Zamira Menuhin born (29 September)

- Yehudi begins shortened winter US tour

1940 - Yehudi starts unscheduled sabbatical

- Nola, Yehudi, and entourage sail for Australia

- Krov Menuhin born (Melbourne, 17 August)

1941 - Yehudi begins first tour of South America (May)

- Yaltah elopes with Benjamin Rolfe


Chapter 18   The Brotherhood of War           

1940 - Diana witness to evacuation of troops from Dunkirk (May)

- London Blitz begins (September)

1941 - Queen's Hall destroyed in air raid (May)

- Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour (December)

- Yehudi begins exploration of music of Béla Bart?k

- Yehudi and Adolf Baller give first troop recital

1942 - Yehudi begins marathon tours playing for the public, for war charities, and for troops

- Fall of Singapore (February)

- Nola and Yehudi move to "Alma" residence

- Nola suffers miscarriage

- Yehudi fails in first effort to reach wartime London


Chapter 19   The Wages of Immortality           

1941 - Diana joins opera/ballet company

1942 - Diana assumes directorship of New Russian Ballet

- Diana in production of What Every Woman Knows

1943 - Yehudi arrives by bomber for six-week UK tour

- Yehudi decorated with Croix de Lorraine

- Diana joins ENSA for tour of Egypt and Italy


Chapter 20   Trouping the Pacific Theatre                 

1943 - Yehudi begins second tour of South America

- Yehudi‘s first public performance of work by Bartk (November)

- Yehudi and Baller play Bartk's First Sonata for the composer in private run-through

- Yehudi commissions solo work from Bartk

1944 - Nola works as nursing aide and suffers second miscarriage

- Yehudi and Baller give 64 recitals in the Aleutians

- Fatigue affects Yehudi's performances (February)

- Bartk delivers Solo Sonata manuscript

- Yehudi and Baller give troop recitals in Hawaii


Chapter 21    Coup de pouffe 

1944 - Paris liberated  (August)

- Liberation of Brussels and Antwerp (September)

- Yehudi returns to Britain for tour of naval establishments, military hospitals, and factories

- Yehudi meets Diana (September)

- Allied advance in Europe stalled at Arnhem

- Yehudi plays recitals in Brussels and Antwerp

- "Return" concert in Paris (October)

- Moshe senses discord in Yehudi's marriage

- Yehudi gives première of Bart?k's Solo Sonata


Chapter 22   The Validity of Impulse          

1944 - Diana rejoins cast of The Merry Widow for end of London season and for tour to Europe (Dec)

1945 - Yehudi and Nola face marriage crisis (January)

- Yehudi plays in concert commemorating the founding of the United Nations (April)

- VE Day celebrated in London (8 May)

- Yehudi returns to London (June): records film soundtrack and plans visit to German death camps


Chapter 23   Bergen-Belsen, Hell on Earth                 

1945 - Yehudi asks British Army of  Occupation for permission to play for Jewish and German  survivors of Nazi tyrrany

- Benjamin Britten replaces Gerald Moore as Yehudi's accompanist for the tour of Germany

- Yehudi and Britten give recital (27 July) in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

- Yehudi performs Mendelssohn VC in NDR broadcast from Hamburg

- Mixed response of Displaced Persons to Yehudi's gestures of sympathy


Chapter 24   To Russia With Love            

1945 - Nola and Yehudi face issue of divorce

- Diana's sister treated for TB

- Yehudi returns to London for concerts (October)

- Epstein's bust of Yehudi unveiled

- Yehudi plays charity concerts in Prague (November)

- Yehudi invites himself to Russia (November)

- Rapturous reception for Yehudi in Moscow

- Yehudi inspired by visit to Moscow's Central School of Music

- David Oistrakh joins Yehudi in performance

- Yehudi's affair with Diana deepens


Chapter 25   A Dual Life                        

1945 - Yehudi defends Furtwängler against accusations of collaboration with the Nazi regime

- Diana's stepfather knighted (December)

1946 - Critics assess the state of Yehudi's post-war  performance

- Recognition from Music War Council of Yehudi's contribution to the Pacific War effort

- Nola brings her children to join Yehudi in London before engagements and holiday in Europe (April)

- Yehudi and Nola in reunion with Enesco in Romania

- Family summer holiday in Switzerland

- Louis Kentner and Griselda married in Zurich (May)

- Yehudi meets Richard Hauser (later to marry Hephzibah)

- Antal Doráti and Yehudi give début recital at Salzburg Festival

- Yehudi enjoys airborne adventures across Europe

- Diana attempts revival of career in New York


Chapter 26   Outflanking Nola                   

1946 - Diana arrives in California (December)

- Hephzibah meets Paul Morawetz en route from Australia to California

- Diana meets reunited Menuhin family at Christmas and joins entourage for West Coast concert tour

1947 - Yehudi includes Diana in family holiday in Florida

- Hephzibah and Yehudi in "return" NY recital (March)

- Nola agrees to final separation from Yehudi

- Menuhins arrive in London for recitals

- Willa Cather dies (April)

- Diana joins Yehudi for European concert tour

- Menuhins participate in Prague Spring Festival

- Hephzibah visits Theresienstadt camp

- Nola starts pre-divorce residency in Reno

- Zamira and Krov begin European summer holiday with Diana and Yehudi

- Yehudi breaks holiday to visit Casals in Prades

- Yehudi plays under Furtwängler at Salzburg and Lucerne Festivals

- Yehudi commissions sonata from William Walton

- Divorce and property settlement filed in Reno


Chapter 27      Carrying the Healing Message                     

1947 - Yehudi and Diana visit Berlin for concerts with Furtwängler (September)

- Displaced Persons express dismay over concert scheduling; Yehudi and Diana appease camp inmates

- Marcel Gazelle and Yehudi reunited for recitals in Scandinavia

- Yehudi proposes to Diana in Copenhagen; couple returns to London to prepare for wedding

- Nola marries Anthony Williams (October)



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Yehudiana - Reliving the Menuhin Odyssey, Book Two:







Part 1  Post-war Utopian Visions



Vision One: Family

Chapter 28  Chained to a Firefly

1947 – Marriage of Yehudi and Diana

1948 – Birth of Gerard Menuhin

Chapter 29 Flaming Passions

1938– Hephzibah and married life in Australia

1940 – Birth of Kron Nicholas

1940 – Yehudi’s concert tour of Australia

1947 – Nicholas family tour of USA and Europe

1951 – Yehudi makes return tour of Australia

Chapter 30 Breaking Ties

1951 – Birth of Jeremy Menuhin

1952 – Nola’s marital and family tensions

1953 – Yehudi and Diana begin move to Europe

Chapter 31 Tenure in Tuscany

1954 – Menuhin family in Switzerland

– Hephzibah ends marriage to Lindsay Nicholas

1958 – Menuhins reside in Italy, purchase a London home, and plan building a Swiss chalet

1959 – London home occupied

Chapter 32 There’s no Place Like Home

1960 – Gstaad chalet completed

1962 – Greek holiday house purchased

Vision Two:Music

Chapter 33 The Patron Saint of Music

1947 – Yehudi stars in Concert Magic film and begins series of visits to Berlin

1948 – Yehudi makes début on television, plays at Edinburgh Festival, and introduces music of Bartk to Paris audience

1949 – Menuhins tour South America

– Yehudi and Louis Kentner première Walton Sonata

– Recordings with Furtwängler

Chapter 34 Grappling with Gremlins

1946 – Antal Doráti encourages Yehudi in conducting

1950 – Yehudi conducts in Europe

– Bowing problems resurface

1951 – Hephzibah and Yehudi give first recital in London’s new Royal Festival Hall

1953 – Yehudi begins re-recording repertoire

1955 – Death of George Enesco

Chapter 35 Festival Fever

1957 – First Gstaad season and expansion of the Festival

1958 – Robert Masters forms his Chamber Orchestra and begins collaboration with Yehudi

1959 – Yehudi as Artistic Director of the Bath Festival

1965 – 1966: Diana, Ravi Shankar, and opera at Bath Festival; Yehudi gives première of Bart?k’s First Violin Concerto

1968 – Yehudi resigns from Bath Festival

1969 – Windsor Festival collaboration begins

1976 – Yehudi inaugurates Bermuda Festival


Chapter 36 Jazz, Jousts, and Juries

1971 – Yehudi appears on television with Grappelli

1973 – First Grappelli/Menuhin recording released

1979 – 1980 Yehudi as founder of Portsmouth International String Quartet Competition and catalyst for the Concours Sarasate


Vision Three: Politics

Chapter 37 Stirring Hornets’ Nests 

1945 – Post-war visits to Germany and Romania

– Yehudi defends Furtwängler

1950 – 1951; Attacking the policy of apartheid Yehudi makes first visit to Israel and Japan

Chapter 38 Currying Favour

1952 – Menuhins on first visit to India

1954 – Return Indian visit

Chapter 39 Tilting at Soviet Windmills 

1946– Yehudi’s concern for Iron Curtain countries

1962 – Diana, Hephzibah, and Yehudi tour Russia.

1971 – Yehudi chairs IMC Moscow Congress

Chapter 40 Poles Apart

1957 – Menuhins visit Poland

1974 – Yehudi and the Greek plebiscite

1975 – Yehudi mediates over resolutions critical of Israel


Vision Four:Education

Chapter 41 A School of his own

1945 – Yehudi visits Moscow’s Central School of Music

1963 – MenuhinSchool opens


Vision Five:Food and Fitness

Chapter 42 Yoghurt and Yoga

1953 – Yehudi as subject of yoga profile

1956 – Yehudi recovers from back operation


Vision Six:The Environment

Chapter 43 A Car Too Far

1972 – Yehudi on environmental degradation

1976 – Yehudi and electric cars


Part  2 Fiddler on the Hoof


Chapter 44 The life in a year of...

1975 – Eleanor Hope appointed to head Menuhin office

1977 – Yehudi establishes International Menuhin Music

– Academy and Live Music Now!

– Publication of autobiography (Unfinished Journey)

– Filming of The Music of Man series

– Hephzibah diagnosed with cancer

Chapter 45 Farewell Nola

1978– Annual US concert and recital tour

– Yehudi purchases Guarnerius del Gesú violin

– Death of Nola Menuhin

Chapter 46 The Mad Hornet

1978 – US tour continued

– Hephzibah responds to treatment

Chapter 47 Flight from the Gilded Cage

1978 – Menuhin office relocated

– Hephzibah suffers relapse

– Yehudi conducts Kennedy and Yo Yo Ma

– Sale of Menuhin violins

– Crises at LMN!


Chapter 48 Cincinnati Blues

1979 – US concert tour

Chapter 49 Flare-up at LMN! 

1979 – Crises at LMN! continued

– Yehudi begins collaboration with Polish Chamber Orchestra

– Establishment of Portsmouth International String Quartet Competition

– Swiss tensions over financing of IMMA

– Yehudi and Hephzibah begin Australian recital tour

Chapter 50 Willing Yehudi On

1979 – Menuhins visit China

1980 – US tour with Hephzibah

– Hephzibah’s condition becomes critical

– Music of Man series launched

– Menuhins suffer first home burglary

Chapter 51 Farewell Hephzibah

1981 – Death of Hephzibah

– Memorial Concert

– US winter tour

– Menuhins explore moving house

– Yehudi promotes career of young Chinese student

Chapter 52 Gstaad’s Silver Lining

1981 –Menuhin Festival Gstaad celebrates 25th season

Chapter 53 From Two The Grove

1981 – Yehudi’s first season conducting opera

– Diana faces reality of house move

1982 – Death of Moshe Menuhin

– Diana chooses new London residence

– Yehudi clashes with UK Foreign Office

Chapter 54 A Sting in the Tale

1982 – Gstaad Festival season

– Menuhins on return visit to China

1983 – Yehudi faces financial problems and sells two Stradivari violins

– Yehudi faces citizenship dilemma

– Papal concert with Polish Chamber Orchestra

Chapter 55 The Answer to Prayer

1984 – Yehudi becomes victim of conspiracy to defraud

– Diana publishes Fiddler’s Moll

– Yehudi conducts season of Mozart opera in Bonn

1985 – US concert tour with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

– Yehudi granted British citizenship

1986 – Legal wrangle over Belgravia house restoration

1987 – Yehudi awarded Order of Merit

– Menuhins visit Russia

Chapter 56 Film Exposure

1990 – Diana, Yehudi, and Griselda Kentner react to

broadcast on UK television of Tony Palmer’s film,

Menuhin, A Family Portrait,.

Chapter 57 Praise The Lord!

1991 – Yehudi celebrates 75th birthday, becomes his own concert agent, promotes various projects through a new Foundation based in Brussels, awarded joint Wolf Prize in Israel, and elevated to peerage as Baron Menuhin of Stoke d’Abernon

Chapter 58 The Don In Full Flow

1994 – Yehudi faces domestic crisis

– Gstaad Festival stages Don Giovanni

– Gidon Kremer accepts offer to succeed Yehudi as Artistic Director of Gstaad Festival


Chapter 59 A Parliament Of His Own

1994 – Yehudi as UNESCO Ambassador of Goodwill and proposes establishment of a Parliament of Cultures

– Menuhins suffer third major burglary

1995 – Commemoration of 50th anniversary of Allied bombing of Dresden

– Death of Griselda Kentner

Chapter 60 The Only Thing Left

1995 – Menuhins visit South Africa, Spain, and Russia;

– Yehudi conducts Dusseldorf season of Idomeneo, and celebrates 50th anniversary of signing of League of Nations Charter.

Chapter 61 More Projects and Politics

1995 – Yehudi advances cause of Parliament of Cultures, expands concept of MUS-E schools project, gives final public performance on violin, and visits Romania.

Chapter 62 Fanfare to a Man of Spirit

1995 – Menuhins make final visits to Japan and India

1996 – Marutha Menuhin celebrates 100th birthday

– Yehudi’s 80th birthday season begins

– Menuhins feted in Oman

Chapter 63 Last Hurrah in New York

1996 – Yehudi in birthday juggernaut.

– Edna Michel organises New York concert of new music conducted by Yehudi and dedicated to better understanding between cultures

Chapter 64 The Whirlwind on Ozone

1996 – The Merry Widow performed at Gstaad Festival

– Peace Concert held in Sarajevo

– Death of Marutha Menuhin

Chapter 65 Plus ça change

1997 – Yehudi records complete cycle of Schubert symphonies

– Menuhins mark 50th wedding anniversary

– First meeting of Assembly of Cultures

1998 – Yehudi unprepared for opening performances of Vienna production of Otello

– Gidon Kremer ends tenure at Gstaad Festival

Chapter 66 Farewell Down Under

1998 – Yehudi’s final tour of Australia

Chapter 67 One Last Windmill

1998 – Trial of Anwar Ibrahim and Yehudi’s visit to Malaysia

– Yehudi in last appearance at Royal Albert Hall

Chapter 68 Guru to the World

1999 – Yehudi embarks on final tour of Germany (March)

– Overtaken by illness and hospitalised in Berlin.

– Funeral, Memorial Service, and Commemoration Concert



Whatever Happened To....?